3 Outfits Inspired by Korean & European Fashion

Long time no see! Today we are going to be looking at Korean fashion and its adaptation of influences around the world. More specifically, what are the differences and similarities of Asian and European beauty standards? If you have been following along on the blog, you’d know that I’m currently in Korea – the fashion hub of Asia. Before coming here, I was worrying about the latest trends and how I was going to blend in. After spending around two weeks gaging the vibe, I am now able to put my own twist to what I think mixes both Western and Asian styles together. Continue reading 3 Outfits Inspired by Korean & European Fashion

Spring Fashion Mood Board

Spring is always my favorite season, so I just want to leave this here before next season’s trends take over! I was a huge fan of bringing back the millennial PINK and sporting a clean, minimalistic look. I have gotten really into BAGS as well, AH. Some of my favorites recently are Ted Baker, Chloe, and Longchamp! Follow these fashion/architecture accounts for more inspo 🙂 Continue reading Spring Fashion Mood Board

My Skincare Secrets: Top 10 Beauty Products

Hello beautiful! Today I’m going to share some of my favorite skincare products that I’ve been using nonstop! Of course everyone has their bad days, but I can assure you that these work 99% of the time. I’ve included my daily skincare as well as my top hair and Korean beauty products. Let’s get to it! Note: I have mostly dry skin / thick, straight … Continue reading My Skincare Secrets: Top 10 Beauty Products