Fashion in Taiwan: Tulle & More


Neutrals / Airy / Simple / Eccentric / Unique / Creative 

Fashion in Taiwan is highly influenced by Hong Kong and Korea, in my opinion. This makes sense, since it’s located in between both countries. Nevertheless, it’s unique in its own way. Walking through street hubs to major department stores, I see a consistency of neutral colors with light fabric. Of course, given the heat, no one wants to walk around wearing all black. On top of this foundation, each designer adds their own touch. Take exhibit A for example:

One thing I noticed is that each store is designed to where the interior complements the clothing. In this store, the clothing palette was white black and neutrals. Stores here also have magazines and layouts on tables so each customer can see the designer’s work and inspiration. Here, you can see my favorite pieces, which consists of the simple white structures with details such as bows and collars. Now for exhibit B, we will take a look at Taiwan’s street style with a mix of high fashion:

Although the colors are very similar to before, there are more uses of different kinds of fabric. There’s also details of color like hues of blue and pink. More patterns such as stripes, florals, and stitched on pieces. Again, you can see how the designer’s inspiration was posted on the wall as a reference and mood board. More street style —

Whiple: For men, women, and children for everyday chic comfort. Here


Next, we will take a look at exhibit C: y-u-e-r

Shades of pink oranges and neutrals with a minimalist vibe for your chic gal.

This was my personal favorite store because it looked like something that I would wear on a daily basis. Every wardrobe needs your basic tops and blouses, and this is the exact style that would provide good quality and style.

Last but not least, exhibit D for those businesswomen and CEO’s out there. Fun fact, I had to stop taking pictures because apparently people come from China, etc to take photos of designer pieces to replicate/copy. Here’s what I could get though —

As you can see, there is street style, daily wear, business casual, and more but they are all consistent in the color schemes. Therefore, it makes the designers that more impressive because in order to stand out, you have to be unique. I really enjoyed shopping in Taiwan overall because it was more of an experience than simply shopping. Each store had its own aura and vision as to what goes on behind the scenes. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting this content together! Let me know what you think.



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