3 Products to Achieve that Summer Glow


1. Vita Liberata Neroli and Argan Milk Sunscreen SPF 50

This sunscreen by Vita Liberata feels like milk on your skin. I usually don’t like the way regular sunscreen applies heavily or how it smells. However, this product has become extremely handy now that the weather is hot and dry. vtl016_vitaliberata_passionflower_argandryoilserumforface_780x980I’m currently using this sunscreen daily because I’m trying to wear as little makeup as possible. This works as my SPF and moisturizer. Simply distribute an ample amount onto your palm and evenly apply onto skin. After giving it some time to dry, it appears dewy in all the right places.

2. Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel, Semi Permanent Brows

This eyebrow gel from WUNDER2 sets in perfectly for the whole entire day. After SPF/moisturizer, you really don’t need anymore makeup (that will melt off in the heat). I use the Black/Brown tint to   achieve a full, subtle look.

wunderbrow2 2


3. The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette by Maybelline is the perfect travel size. I use the Downtown Sunrise shade with pinks and nudes. The combination of colors work well with my skin tone. I use the maui pink on my lid with the silver glitter on the inner duct of my eye. This makes my eyes pop with an easy 1-2-3.

Screen_Shot_2018-06-04_at_3.07 4


With these 3 products, your skin, brows, and eyes come together for a simple, quick glowy look for the summer. This is what I’ll be using for mine at least! Super quick & easy ❤



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